Cookie dough dip vegetarian

The ultimate indulgence of cookie dough! This recipe will quickly become a party favorite!

Baked Apples vegetarian

This easy and simple dessert has lightly sweetened, homemade rich flavors and a crunchy texture.

Coconut Cherry Cookies vegetarian

These hearty and flavorful cookies make a great healthy snack or a quick breakfast on the go.

Risotto vegetarian

This delicious, slightly sweet Bulgar wheat risotto combines two of my favorite flavors: cinnamon and butternut squash.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

A simple vegan chocolate cake recipe. Dairy-free and egg-free, yet a moist, rich and decadent cake.

cashew cheez vegetarian

This raw cashew cheez recipe makes a great healthy dip for vegetables and crackers. The blended cashew culturing adds a creamy and nutty flavor.

Vegetarian Spinach Curry

This recipe resembles the popular Indian dish saag paneer. Replacing the paneer, which is an Indian cheese, will make this dish lower in calories.

Vegetarian Chili Recipe

Zesty southwestern vegetarian black bean chili. High in fiber and protein, this soup will nourish and satisfy.

Butternut Squash Bisque Recipe

This bisque is an excellent vegetarian appetizer with sweet and spice flavors.