EVOS: A Wholesome, Natural Approach to Quick-Food Fare


Tasty & fresh vegetarian burgers, fries, flavored ketchups and more!



EVOS vegetarian

The Veggie Garden Grill burger, air-baked fries, mesquite magic ketchup and an iced tea.

EVOS approach to the quick-dining experience is a more healthful and fresh alternative to the traditional burger and fries type joint. EVOS cooks their menu items using air-baking methods instead of deep frying, which decreases the caloric count significantly. They also use organic greens for their salads, organic and reduced-fat ice cream for their shakes, and organic buns for the burgers. The restaurant was clean overall and had an inviting decor. It was set up like a typical quick-service restaurant, with a counter where you place your order, a station to fill-up your own teas and sodas, and a self-service flavored-ketchup bar. Since the menu items are made-to-order, it does take a few minutes longer to prepare the items compared to other quick-food restaurants. The menu offers both vegetarian and vegan options, which are clearly noted by a ‘VG’ or a ‘VN’ next to the item. Vegetarian and vegan menu items include two different styles of burgers, air-baked fries, a garden burger and avocado wrap, salads, fruit shakes, milkshakes, vegetarian corn dogs and a vegetable bean chili.

I had the Veggie Garden Grill burger, air-baked fries and an iced tea at the St. Petersburg location. The burger was very good. The garden patty was hot, the bun was perfectly toast, the lettuce was fresh and crisp, the avocado was creamy and the pickle slices were crunchy and flavorful. The air-baked fries were hot and crispy. The flavor resembled their deep-fried counterpart, but without all the grease oozing out.

In addition to the healthy approach in the preparation of the food, EVOS has another unique concept, a self-service flavored ketchup karma bar! The flavors included mesquite magic, original american, garlic gravity and cayenne firewalker. All of the sauce were very tasty, but I was enjoying the mesquite magic the most. A smoky and tangy sauce that resembled the flavors of a ketchup and barbecue sauce hybrid.

EVOS Ketchup bar

A variety of flavored ketchups to accompany the delicious burgers and air-baked fries.

With the limited locations, EVOS is an oasis for the ultimate vegetarian fast-food indulgence without the guilt.
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Various locations throughout the Tampa Bay and Miami area.
Open for lunch and dinner hours
Visit evos.com

$2-10 per item

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