EVOS: A Wholesome, Natural Approach to Quick-Food Fare


Tasty & fresh veg­e­tar­ian burg­ers, fries, fla­vored ketchups and more!



EVOS vegetarian

The Veg­gie Gar­den Grill burger, air-baked fries, mesquite magic ketchup and an iced tea.

EVOS approach to the quick-dining expe­ri­ence is a more health­ful and fresh alter­na­tive to the tra­di­tional burger and fries type joint. EVOS cooks their menu items using air-baking meth­ods instead of deep fry­ing, which decreases the caloric count sig­nif­i­cantly. They also use organic greens for their sal­ads, organic and reduced-fat ice cream for their shakes, and organic buns for the burg­ers. The restau­rant was clean over­all and had an invit­ing decor. It was set up like a typ­i­cal quick-service restau­rant, with a counter where you place your order, a sta­tion to fill-up your own teas and sodas, and a self-service flavored-ketchup bar. Since the menu items are made-to-order, it does take a few min­utes longer to pre­pare the items com­pared to other quick-food restaurants. The menu offers both veg­e­tar­ian and vegan options, which are clearly noted by a ‘VG’ or a ‘VN’ next to the item. Veg­e­tar­ian and vegan menu items include two dif­fer­ent styles of burg­ers, air-baked fries, a gar­den burger and avo­cado wrap, sal­ads, fruit shakes, milk­shakes, veg­e­tar­ian corn dogs and a veg­etable bean chili.

I had the Veg­gie Gar­den Grill burger, air-baked fries and an iced tea at the St. Peters­burg loca­tion. The burger was very good. The gar­den patty was hot, the bun was per­fectly toast, the let­tuce was fresh and crisp, the avo­cado was creamy and the pickle slices were crunchy and fla­vor­ful. The air-baked fries were hot and crispy. The fla­vor resem­bled their deep-fried coun­ter­part, but with­out all the grease ooz­ing out.

In addi­tion to the healthy approach in the prepa­ra­tion of the food, EVOS has another unique con­cept, a self-service fla­vored ketchup karma bar! The fla­vors included mesquite magic, orig­i­nal amer­i­can, gar­lic grav­ity and cayenne fire­walker. All of the sauce were very tasty, but I was enjoy­ing the mesquite magic the most. A smoky and tangy sauce that resem­bled the fla­vors of a ketchup and bar­be­cue sauce hybrid.

EVOS Ketchup bar

A vari­ety of fla­vored ketchups to accom­pany the deli­cious burg­ers and air-baked fries.

With the lim­ited loca­tions, EVOS is an oasis for the ulti­mate veg­e­tar­ian fast-food indul­gence with­out the guilt.
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Var­i­ous loca­tions through­out the Tampa Bay and Miami area.
Open for lunch and din­ner hours
Visit evos.com

$2–10 per item

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