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Tucked along a side street of the afflu­ent Park Avenue area of Win­ter Park, Florida is a restau­rant serv­ing cui­sine based on the raw/living food lifestyle.  Cafe 118° exem­pli­fies a fresh and deli­cious liv­ing cui­sine menu.

Vegetarian Rolls

Crispy Veg­etable Rolls

For those unfa­mil­iar with this type of cui­sine, allow me to give you a brief expla­na­tion. The raw/living cui­sine is plant-based foods that are pre­pared by not cook­ing foods in the tra­di­tional sense.  Foods are never cooked above 118° allow­ing the nat­ural enzymes, nutri­ents and vit­a­mins to be preserved.

Cafe 118° menu items include juices, nut-milk shakes, liv­ing entrées, raw desserts and raw ice cream. Dur­ing my few recent vis­its, my guests and I tried a vari­ety of items. My per­sonal favorite entrée were the Crispy Veg­etable Rolls. The tex­tures were crunchy with a smooth dress­ing and dip­ping sauce. The sweet and crunchy shred­ded cab­bage, car­rot and sliced creamy avo­cado was tossed with a cashew, almond dress­ing all wrapped up in a vibrant green let­tuce leaf. Four gen­er­ous sized rolls were accom­pa­nied by a sweet and sour dip­ping sauce. The fla­vors were well bal­anced and resem­bled an Asian influ­ence with hints of sesame and soy.

Traditional Italian vegetarian

Tra­di­tional Italian

My guests and I also enjoyed the Tra­di­tional Ital­ian entrée. End­less strings of zuc­chini rib­bons topped with diced fresh tomato and fla­vor­ful herbs. Also paired with full fla­vored sun-dried tomato sauce, gar­den fresh tomato slices and avo­cado wedges. All sprin­kled with crunchy hemp seeds and cashew Parmesan.

This dish was so deli­cious and fresh that I would choose it over a cooked pasta and mari­nara dish any day!

Pad Thai vegetarian

Pad Thai

We also had the plea­sure of try­ing the liv­ing Pad Thai entrée. Rib­bons of zuc­chini and car­rot noo­dles tossed with a rich, creamy, and nutty sauce. Then driz­zled with a sesame cashew glaze. Although the dish was fla­vor­ful, the sauce was a lit­tle heavy and thick.

Black Forest Vegetarian

Raw Black For­est Cake

All the desserts that we tried were divine! The desserts appear small in size, but the fla­vors are intense and rich. The Raw Black For­est Cake was dense, slightly chewy and rich. It was fin­ished with cin­na­mon glazed cher­ries and a cherry gin­ger syrup.

Chocolate Hazelnut Tart vegetarian

Choco­late Hazel­nut Tart

It is a toss up for me to chose between my two favorite desserts, either the Choco­late Hazel­nut Tart or the ‘Smores.’ The Choco­late Hazel­nut Tart was rich, dark choco­late densely pressed into a crumbly, hazel­nut crust. Served slightly chilled, the tex­ture was smooth and creamy.

The ‘Smores,’ as described on the menu, is a cin­na­mon gra­ham cracker with marsh­mal­low fill­ing and cocoa sauce. I felt the fla­vors more resem­bled that of a Caramel Delight Girl Scout cookie. The ‘gra­ham crack­ers’ were two chewy lay­ers of cin­na­mon and coconut fla­vors. Pressed between them was a light and airy ‘marsh­mal­low’ cream, which offered more of a smooth tex­ture rather than adding to the fla­vor of the dessert. Then the dessert was driz­zled with a dark, rich cocoa sauce. So deli­cious, it is incred­i­ble to believe that all the ingre­di­ents were vegan and raw.

Smores dessert vegetarian


Cafe 118° also offers a small inter­na­tional wine list with vegan and organ­i­cally pro­duced wines. I enjoyed the De Mar­tino Cab-Malbec, which was an excel­lent pair­ing with the rich sun-dried tomato sauce on the entrée and then com­pli­mented the dark choco­late on the desserts.

Cafe 118° is a delight­fully unique expe­ri­ence of fla­vors and tex­tures that chal­lenges our pre­con­ceived assump­tions about vegan food. For some of us, it may even intro­duce us to the niche raw/living food lifestyle. Over­all though, Cafe 118° will please even non-vegetarian din­ers and leave all patrons with excited taste buds and a full, but not overly stuffed tummy feeling.

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Cafe 118°
153 East Morse Boule­vard
Win­ter Park, FL 32789

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(407) 389‑2233

$10–26 an item

Hours: Mon­day 11:30am-5pm, Tuesday-Thursday 11:30am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 11:30am-10pm, closed Sundays.

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