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Freshfield Farm Produce

Before I dis­cov­ered Fresh­fields Farm, my bud­get for fresh pro­duce con­sisted of bananas, green beans, pota­toes, onions and the occa­sion­ally bag of spinach.  The chain super­mar­kets drained my bud­get quickly and a few years ago at the height of the reces­sion canned and frozen food were replac­ing the fresh, nutri­ent rich foods I craved.  Then one day while I was run­ning errands, I drove past a bright and invit­ing sign with pro­duce spe­cials listed on the mar­quee. I walked inside the pro­duce mar­ket and it was like walk­ing into a veg­e­tar­ian Willy Wonka’s won­der­land gar­den. The prices were afford­able and the vari­ety was immense. I came home so excited that day with three bags of fresh pro­duce for around $20. I have been hooked on Fresh­fields Farm since.

Produce sign

Fresh­fields Farm sign seen from Delaney Avenue with fea­tured specials

This pro­duce mar­ket is def­i­nitely a must-shop hid­den gem of Orlando. It is located just south of Down­town Orlando in the newly claimed SoDo area. It hides a bit set back from East Michi­gan Street and Delaney Avenue behind a Walgreens.

They proudly offer a grow­ing selec­tion of USDA Cer­ti­fied Organic Pro­duce and local grown picks, many Florida grown, which are dis­played on a chalk­board hang­ing right above your head as you enter the ‘Fresh Pro­duce’ side of Fresh­fields Farm. They offer sea­sonal and spe­cialty pro­duce items at unbeat­able prices. The qual­ity is bet­ter and the prices are con­sid­er­ably less than nearby gro­cery stores, such as Pub­lix and Super Target.

A selec­tion of prices and pro­duce from my most recent shop­ping experience:

  • Fresh Rose­mary herb: 99¢ a package
  • Fresh Mint: 89¢ a package
  • Tofu (House Foods brand, Firm): $1.79 for 19 oz.
  • Limes: 14 for $3 or 22¢ each
  • Fuji Apples: $1.39 lb.Organic Local Picks
  • Organic Porta­bello Mush­rooms: $2.50 pack­age (of 3 large caps)
  • Rasp­ber­ries: $1.67 package
  • Egg­plant: 79¢ lb.
  • Red bell pep­pers: $2.49 lb.
  • Eng­lish cucum­ber: $1.34 each
  • Spinach: $2 pack­age (10 oz.)

Other avail­able items include:

  • avo­ca­dos
  • aspara­gus
  • cher­ries, peaches, nec­tarines, plumsVeg produce
  • bananas, plan­tains, green bananas
  • bell pep­pers: red, orange, green, yellow
  • hot pep­pers & jalapeños
  • grapes
  • sprouts: bean & alfalfa
  • car­rots, broc­coli, green beans
  • gar­lic, onions
  • berries: straw­berry, black­berry, blueberry
  • mango, papaya
  • melon: water­melon, can­taloupe, honeydewBerries
  • lemons, limes, grape­fruit, oranges
  • cel­ery, corn
  • bok choy
  • okra
  • tomatil­las, tomatoes
  • che­r­i­moya, chay­ote squash, jícama, boniatoVeg produce
  • yuca root
  • squash: sum­mer, but­ter­nut, spaghetti, acorn, zucchini
  • pota­toes: sweet, white, red, Idaho, Yukon
  • salad mixes, spinach, romaine, but­ter lettuce
  • fresh made peanut butter
  • fresh herbs: basil, sage, thyme, rose­mary, mint, cilantro, watercress
  • dried herbs, teas & spices: Badia brand: cin­na­mon, gar­lic, oregano, onion, cumin, red pep­per, many more!
  • culantro
  • gin­ger rootApples
  • col­lard greens, kale
  • honey
  • eggs & milk
  • dried legumes, peas
  • fresh bam­boo
  • orange, lemon & grape­fruit juices
  • frozen edamame, corn, beans, peas, legumes, fruit pulp
  • many Latin and Asian pro­duce items
The prices stay afford­able because nearly all of the pro­duce comes directly from the grow­ers or straight from the pack­ag­ing plant. They elim­i­nate the mid­dle­men, which adds days of shelf life to your pro­duce, and keeps the prices low. Avoid the crowds and shop dur­ing the week­days ear­lier in the day.

Fresh­fields Farm
400 East Comp­ton Street
Orlando, Florida 32806

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(407) 423‑3309


Mon­day — Sat­ur­day 9AM7PM
Sun­day 10am-6pm
Memo­r­ial Day: 9–5
July 3rd 10–5
July 4th: 9–5
Labor Day: 9–5

Closed: Thanks­giv­ing Day, Christ­mas Day, New Years Day & Sundays



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