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A Few Good ApplesTucked away in the corner of Seagrove Plaza on beautiful state road 30-a, surrounded by sub shops and kitschy beach merchandisers is a fresh and tasty café,
A Few Good Apples.

Upon entering the quaint eatery, the first things I noticed was the bright decor and clean environment. I reviewed the overhead menus with lots of vegetarian and vegan options. I had trouble choosing between homemade vegetarian soups, baked sweet potatoes, a wrap with marinated tempeh, fresh salads or the whole grain du jour.

I approached the counter greeted by a smiling and friendly staff member. I decided on the veggie burger on a whole wheat bun with loads of fresh veggie toppings of my choosing. After about seven minutes my made to order sandwich was ready for pick up.

It looked fresh and delicious. The burger and bun was of generous portion. The burger was a meal in itself. The whole wheat bun was hearty and soft. The burger patty was hot, perfectly seasoned and moist. The veggies were very crisp and flavorful. The burger was filling and satisfying. I was hoping to have a little room left for frozen yogurt or a banana berry smoothie, but I guess that would have to wait until my return visit.Veggie Burger

This café would be a great meal stop for a wide variety of tastes and ages. The food was fresh and tasty. A Few Good Apples is a good value and a great find for a quick beach day meal break.

A Few Good Apples serves breakfast and lunch until 5 p.m. daily. Recommended items to try:

  • Salads: garden, Mediterranean, fresh fruit
  • Veggie Burger
  • Wraps, pitas or bowls: falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, marinated tempeh
  • Vegetable soup
  • Grain du jour: brown rice, cous cous, quinoa, barley
  • Bean du jour
  • Baked sweet or Idaho potatoes
  • Fresh vegetable or fruit juice
  • Smoothies and frozen yogurt
  • Grits, Belgian waffle, bagel, toast or biscuit for breakfast

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This restaurant is now closed.
A Few Good Apples

3723 E Co Hwy 30a
#9 Seagrove Plaza
Seagrove Beach, FL 32459
(850) 468-0661

$3-$8 an item

Monday- Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

Vegan FriendlyOmnivore options availableKid friendly activity or diningGluten Free items availableCounter Service





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